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Currently Running with Golden Maple Leaf System! :)

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Hello fellow CherryBombers!
Good day to you all, as of today The server is running with some sort of system that is pretty unlikely unusual, however It seems pretty interesting in a way, I should say that the NPC's are wiling dwell fine! However I should warn you guys that some of the features may not contain to what your expecting, The following is either ( In process of editing and/ or code) or it's either Messed up:
-All In One Shop works properly however its only Cash Shop Items
-The tall lady looking women Might disconnect you from the game
-All commands are working properly soon to be pared in the forum
- FM Mobs are in process of editing, due to the lag.
- Rebirth NPC's Are working fine, prices may lower to make it a bit fair.
- More to come! (:

If you have any bugs, other NPC's that aren't functioning right or correct please fill free to communicate either me or any GM! They will be happy to know!

Many Regards,
Edwin Huete Jr

(Owner&Founder of CherryBombMS; est. 2011)

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