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The Server is Up & Running!

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1The Server is Up & Running! Empty The Server is Up & Running! on April 2nd 2011, 1:26 am


As of April 1st of 2011 The server is up and running, the bad news is that it's running with Hamachi... However I (Edwin) is going to manage to make it non-hamachi as soon as I find a team that will be very helpful enough to help me code. But for Now CherryBombMS Is running with Hamachi! (: Also, If anyone doesn't recall CherryBombMS Is related to JelloShotzMS, Although, JelloShotzMS Was closed down during the Summer of 2010... However the owner Steven CEO/Founder of JelloShotzMS Is pretty dead and is unavaiable to reach at the momment. I decided to ask the second person who owned the Server which was Known as CJ aka. Steve, he did managed to mature and say that it's Steven responsibily if he wants to give me the name "JelloShotzMS" so I can access the name and revive JelloShotzMS, which was impossible. Now, We made a brand new name dedicated to our old community which will be alive soon enough as I recruit my team and my friends from JelloShotzMS! (:

Please Fill free to ask more questions for the server! (:

Your Owner,

Edwin Huete Jr,

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