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Server will be out June 24th

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1Server will be out June 24th Empty Server will be out June 24th on June 16th 2011, 6:57 pm


Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay! I have been so busy and aware that are server is gonna be up soon! As of today, I'm coding this new repack i found... and I am coding like hell! As of right now. So the server will be available for GM's/Admins around Sunday this week... depending if I finish coding early. Also I want you guys to be aware that all GM Positions are all taken...
Our Current GM's/Admins/Staff
- Michelle( Our Main Coordinator of our Forum and Main GM)
- Brian ( One of our youngest GM but very responsible with anything that has to do with MOBS, Coding, etc,)
- Vincent ( In charge of everyone who has any issues or problems with the server)
- Jill( Our oldest GM, She's responsible to any harm of our server)
- Vanna ( She is a GM, but she wont be frequently on... but she still considered as part of our team)
- Steven "Ceejay" (Former CEO Of JelloShotzMS, without him - this server wouldn't be on... So he mostly owns our server somewhat Smile )

Well there you go! Our staff is complete now to go back to coding and finsih up our server!
Also, I want to let you guys know that we need to advertise... So any IDEAS?


Server will be out June 24th Tempsi10
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