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Light Bulb Remover

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1Light Bulb Remover Empty Light Bulb Remover on April 8th 2011, 2:36 am


Aren't you annoyed seeing that Light Bulb Popping Out of your head all the time, Well this is a tutorial based on The Light Bulb, to learn how to remove this light bulb; stay tunned and find out how! (:
First, you may want to know that you are going to need 1 Program to access this file which is WinRAR Download Link will be available after this tutorial.
So, Once you have that program, Download the Light Bulb remover, which will be provided in the bottom of this tutorial, Once it's done Click on it and "The Program WinRAR" Will pop-out; The file will be seen, but first you need to extract it so you can access this file, So once that window pop-out, Your going to click on " Extract" (Located on your left side) Then, another window will open asking you where to extract it, You gonna highlight "Desktop" and then click "OK" Once the file is done extracting, You will notice that the file is in your Desktop.
Now, Open up your MapleStory Folder, and move "The Light Bulb Remover File" to your MapleStory Folder. If it asks you to replace or switch the file, just click replace.
And TADAA! No more Light Bulb! (:
If you still do not understand, Please fill free to ask questions! Either me, or Michelle & or/ Other GM's will answer your questions!

Download Links
Light Bulb Remover -
WinRAR -

(If your a 32bit user, click 32bit download, If you are a 64-bit User, click 64bit download link)

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