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Good Evening to all my staff,

It is my concern and responsibility to inform you that we have some rules that may imply to any GM Level you are or either my Admin's.
To start, Every Single level for a GM Will be categorized as such per rule.

Level's 1-3
- May use all the commands, except for some that aren't currently available for you guys
- Be Mature, positive, and helpful ( Please don't annoy the fuck out of me or neither CJ ) - That Also goes for Michelle, Brian, & Vanna
- If there's a problem, please tell either our Admin's first before advising me.
- Do NOT! I mean NOT! Give the client to anyone else as of today ( April 22,2011) Or else you will permanently Be a regular Player.
- You may only have access to 2 accounts.
- You may only have 3 characters.
- Participate in all events!
- Make sure all New Players know everything
- Don't lend any money, Nexon Cash, or anything else to a new player.
* That's about it for now! Have Fun! Please fill free to talk to me for more info*
Level 4-5
- You are responsible for every single player in the server.
- Your Job has to be set to SuperGM, if you need different skills, master books, and etc. Please fill free to enjoy that.
- Please Stay in Style!
- You may use your GM Account with your first Name ( If you want to do a different name, Please use it for your reg. player.)
- You may not use any items that are godly to your reg. account.
- Have the max. up to 2 accounts with either 2-5 characters.
- When your around the city, you better be in Hide mode.
- Keep updated with any erros, probs, and etc. to Me or either CJ
* Just make sure, I'll be in a eye out on you guys! Have fun hoes*

Please make me proud, me and CJ are hoping that this server will work this year! New Era! New Shine!
-May rest in peace JelloShotzMS.-

TTYL My little monsters! Smile

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